@thejayshow at @intellectualpropertyprints

I’m rocking my dad shirt from @superbrand - also I left the black bear diner a gift of my name in crayon!

My latest logo design is an optical illusion that plays with floating colors. Stare at the bottom part of the circle.

I sat in a @garybaseman chair at the Skirball and thought, wow! Today is a great day! My beard may be gone and never coming back, but I’m learning to cope with it.

The waterfall at Salmon Creek - it’s a hidden spot along the 101 before you get to Big Sur.

My life as a fish by @jawcooper at #bottegalouie PS: the crab man was at the table behind us. #danielrolnik #manfish #fish #fishman

This is not a chair, this is a #candle by #ursfischer at #moca

Crouching Rolnik, hidden @gregorysiff - 100% #CameraPorn … #cannon5d #Polaroid

I ate your pizza #bitch

Don’t get #bit