Journal – SMILE ISLE – Bradford J. Salamon


Bradford J. Salamon is a painter with one of my all-time favorite studios. It’s an entire house that’s been gutted and turned into a dream space. There’s a viewing room for finished pieces, a packing area, and a massive space to paint in with all sorts of cool ephemera like a can of horse meat from the earlier half of the 20th Century and vintage reflex cameras. All of which, make their way into…

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Journal – SMILE ISLE – Andre Miripolsky


Andre Miripolsky is vital to the heartbeat of the Los Angeles art scene. His colorful paintings reflect the wilderness of urban life and the beauty of the city’s characters, whether they’re in the shapes of sharks or carrots.

You may recognize Andre’s style from his collaborations with Absolut Vodka and the city of Los Angeles. His brightly colored “Viva L.A.” design was selected for countless…

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Journal – SMILE ISLE – Bruce Lee Webb


Bruce Lee Webbis an artist with an encyclopedic knowledge of everything wild and incredible about the secret stories of American history. From train hoppers to freemasons, from oddfellows to cowboy boot makers. From bluesmen to moonshiners. And just like the hobo markings on wooden signposts signaling safe passage, a Bruce Lee Webb in your home signals that you’ve got taste, a knack for American…

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Journal – SMILE ISLE – Alisa Yang


Alisa Yang is an artist, cartoonist, and current graduate student getting her MFA at the University of Michigan.

Alisa used to make cartoons as her alias Sammy Sundae for a blog I was running named Argot&Ochre and it was always exciting to see what she would come up with!

Her fine art has always the best though; whether it was through the abstract collage and paintings done on vintage book…

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Airom Bleicher is one of my art world heroes! He is an artist, gallery-owner, musician, writer, and all around epic human-being from the land of Oz.

Positive vibrations are charged into all of Airom’s paintings, so when you bring one home to you, you get all of its blessings and good energy too. Also, if you are in the Los Angeles/Santa Monica area, be sure to visit his space B/G Galleryin…

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When I crossed paths with Amery Sandford, she was living up in Nova Scotia – a wild island on the eastern edge of Canada.

Amery’s process is unique. She screen-prints the outlines of her artworks and then fills them in with watercolor paint. We call this a hand-painted multiplein the printmaking world, or an HPM for short. To add a special touch of magic to each piece, she often adds glitter!…

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Journal – SMILE ISLE – Michael C. Hsiung


I met Michael C. Hsiung three years ago at his old studio. A place where he and his wife kept their collection of unicorn paintings and micron pens.

Both of us had been writing for the blog FecalFace, but we hadn’t met each other yet. So, I was stoked to meet Michael in his studio, where he was in the midst of illustrating the zine Booze, Dudes, and Bears. A vinyl record by Black Sabbath played…

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Daniel Rolnik Gallery is now open in Santa Monica, California


Daniel Rolnik Gallery is now open!!! YAY!!!

Visit us Monday – Sunday from 11am – 8pm.

Our address is 1431 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401

PARKING: 90 minutes free at the public lots on 2nd street, near the gallery – or – $15 valet parking directly next to the gallery.

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New Interviews with #DanielRolnik - The World’s Most Adorable Art Critic

The notebook company PaperBlanks interviewed me on their blog, ENDPAPER. The photo above is of my completed PaperBlanks from this year. I can’t write in anything except PaperBlanks notebooks, so this is one of my favorite honors ever!

The owner of bG Gallery, Om Bleicher, and I were interviewed by Gabby Cohen at Forth…

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The Artgonaut published an epic article written by Michael Aushenker about the show I curated for bG Gallery named “Ultimate Beach”

“I feel really passionate about art in the same way that sports fans feel passionate for their team”

Read the full article here:

The Wandering Curator article by Michael AushenkerThe Wandering Curator article by Michael Aushenker daniel rolnik

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